The story of a photographer

I'm Eirini, 29 years old from Crete (Greece) and I'm a photographer of love and emotions.

Ever since I was little I had a zeal for photography. My favourite toy was a camera and I would run around taking pictures of everything. While growing up, I knew exactly what I wanted to do; therefore I pursued my studies in the field I loved and I always attended seminars in order tο provide my clients with the best experience.

I cherish travelling and evolving my aesthetic, I find it to be very helpful in my job since I have the opportunity throughout my journeys to admire new cities, breathtaking landscapes and gain new experiences.

In my everyday life I enjoy: spending quality time with special people, browsing interior design magazines while dreaming of remodeling my home and reading novels while sipping cappuccinos. 

I'm a firm believer that every image conveys a tale about you and what remains of a moment after it has passed is a faded memory and a photograph. I can't wait to recite your story!


Κυριακος & Αναστασια

“Η Ειρηνη είναι πολύ ταλαντούχα, και αφοσιωμένη στη δουλειά της. Είχαμε ένα μοναδικό αποτέλεσμα στις φωτογραφίες μας. Τράβηξε καταπληκτικές λήψεις και αποτύπωσε το τοπίο γύρω μας όπως δεν το έχω ξαναδεί ποτέ μου. Την ευχαριστώ.”

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